How should you choose End of Tenancy Cleaners?

Knowing that you need to leave the house you are moving out of is one thing but actually cleaning it to acceptable standards is quite another. With so many people engaged in full-time employment, finding the time to clean a house thoroughly can be quite a challenge. Even for couples where one of the partners stays home, the work involved is just too much for an individual. Are you left with the option of hiring help to assist you to clean your house because you cannot find the time? Well, that is a good idea but any cleaner just won’t do. So, what are you supposed to look at before you hire cleaners for your end of tenancy cleaning needs? 

Level of experience

You need to see the portfolio of end of tenancy cleaners you are about to hire. How many years have they been involved in similar work? What kind of cleaning projects have they been involved in? Are the people who have contracted them in the past recommending them? The more work they have done in the past, plus the more people they are getting referrals from could indicate that they are experts in their work.

Equipment they use

Whether the equipment and tools they use are their own or hired, you will be happy with a team that uses specialized tools for their work. Consider the detergents they use versus what effect you want at the end. How flexible are they in using mild chemicals as opposed to harsh but effective alternatives? If the incoming tenant already alerted the landlord of allergies to cleaning agents, the best choice of a cleaner would be those that can honor such preferences. 


When should the house be ready? Depending on the dates of exit that you are working around, the property owner or agents expects you to be out and the house be ready for viewing or occupancy by a certain date. Are the cleaners you are considering available to work within your timelines? Some landlords charge penalties from the deposit for breaking any part of the tenant agreement

Have you spoken to your landlord about making the tenant agreement flexible? If not, it is best to stick to the original plan. While at it, use service providers that are insured just in case something gets damaged during cleaning. They are obviously working to get paid but accidents do happen. Have you investigated how they follow up on damage cases –lest you have to pay for the damage yourself?